Welcome to the world of maps of Yorkshire!

       At www.yorkshiremaps.co.uk old maps and plans of Yorkshire towns, places, areas and themes are my speciality. My name is John Ackerley and I’ve been a Yorkshire based collector of antique and vintage maps for over forty years, and dealing in maps at www.yorkshiremaps.co.uk  for the past twenty. Please look at the Stocklist to search for the area in which you are interested. You can search by location, date or name. If it is a specific place  you are searching for and it is not  listed you are advised to search for other locations nearby which could include your area of interest.

    I can usually email photographs of any item of interest but these will only feature small sections of the very large maps. Phone me on 01759302727  or email me at john@yorkshiremaps.co.uk if you want help. In order to help to find items of interest for you it is always useful if you can tell me what the map is required for - hanging as wall decoration (size, colour), detail (scale, particular points of interest), theme (railways, canals, hunting, etc), date (to illustrate certain events), and so on. The stocklist covers over four hundred years of mapmaking, all genuine originals and hopefully in the best condition possible bearing in mind rarity and age. I look forward to helping you.