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You can order by email john@yorkshiremaps.co.uk 


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phone 01759 302727




The Road from Tuxford to York


John Ogilby 1675



First-time buyers will be requested to forward a cheque to yorkshiremaps in advance of receiving the item(s) ordered.  Cheques should be made payable to J.Ackerley. Prices are net and not subject to VAT. Any returned items requiring refunds will be attended to immediately. All items are offered subject to prior sale and remain the property of yorkshiremaps.co.uk until paid in full for. Payment must be made within seven days of receipt. Unwanted items must be returned within three days of receipt. All online purchases earn an automatic  discount of 10%


Postage and packing: depending on their size ordered items will be despatched either flat packed or in tubes. Flat packed items will be either mounted (i.e. on card and ready for framing) or loose between boards. Tube packed items will always be loose. The original packaging material should be retained and reused where items need to be returned. Very large and/or fragile and/or valuable items will be delivered where and when possible to your home by myself for your inspection (this service is normally limited to Yorkshire or immediate hinterland). Flat packed items are usually posted free, tube packed items charged by weight.


Customers who return items must do this at their own expense and no later than three days after receiving the items; they should reuse the original packaging, clearly address the parcel, and obtain the appropriate proof of postage and adequate insurance - these simple actions should protect the sender in the event of returned items going astray as well as ensuring that they are returned in their original condition. Refunds will follow subject to all the above conditions having been met.